Mara Serena Lodge

Am a sucker for fantastic and magnificent views, and Mara Serena is all about views. Located high up on a hill in the Mara Triangle overlooking miles upon miles of the Mara plains, the lodge occupies one the best sites in the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Getting to Mara Serena can be through a 6 hour drive from Nairobi or a 1 hour flight from Wilson Airport to the Mara Serena airstrip which is minutes away from the lodge. Upon arrival, you will notice the lodge has been furnished in African motifs. Walking past the lobby, you will encounter the most fabulous view of the Mara. I could stand there for hours watching wildlife and the endless plains below.

Mara Serena Lobby

Mara Serena comprises 74 rooms that have been built in a circle, each with a fantastic view of the Mara. I love the pic below of the room exterior because it is so iconic! It is unmistakably Mara Serena.

Mara serena room

Of the 74 rooms, some rooms have twin beds while others have doubles. There are also family suites with interconnecting rooms.

Mara Serena twin

The rooms provide complimentary mineral water and tea & coffee making facilities. The room has sockets to charge your phones, laptops and other gadgets. The lodge has excellent WiFi and internet connection; it is fast and reliable. It also has great Safaricom and Airtel coverage.

Mara Serena - complimentary service

One thing I loved about Mara Serena was their bathrooms, in particular the clean, white towels. It is a huge credit to the lodge of that size to be able to maintain such standards.

Mara Serena - towels

The lodge has one restaurant which is linked to a bar.Breakfast and lunch is served buffet style and the the food is excellent.

Mara Serena Restaurant

In 2014 the lodge went through renovations which included the addition of the Maisha gym and spa, similar to what they have at the Nairobi Serena. At this well equipped gym, guests can work out at the tread mills while watching game stroll across the Mara plains below.


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