Leleshwa Wine Tour

Fact: Good wine is a girl’s best friend! (Just ask Olivia Pope :))

Cape Town is a city that has always been in my bucket list. The city’s wine tours are legendary and always look like a fun activity to do in Mzansi. So when the invite to tour the Rift Valley Winery in Naivasha came about, I was ecstatic! It was as close to my CT dream as it could get! I came to know about Kenya’s own Leleshwa wine from Caroline Mutoko’s Youtube videos when she interviewed the owner, Mbugua Ngugi and the winery’s wine maker Emma Nderitu. Their Sauvignon Blanc had just won a gold medal in an international wine competition.

Late last year, the Rift Valley Winery was carrying out wine tours for different groups of people that included media and customers. My group went on the tour on Jamhuri (Independence) Day which I thought was really poignant because we were celebrating Kenya and Kenyan-made! After a two hour road trip, we arrived at Morendat Farm where we disinfected our shoes and then drove across the road to the vineyard where we were met by the vineyard manager who together with Emma, hosted us on the tour. The Rift Valley Winery has an interesting story. Unlike South Africa, Italy and France, Kenya did not have the ideal conditions to grow grapes for wine making – until RVW happened! Through lots of research, growing of different grape varieties, the winery was able to discover the grapes that work best in the country.  Viticulture is such a fascinating field of study. We were educated about grapes – how long they took to mature, which grapes were good to make what sort of wine, the best time to harvest and so much more.

Sauvignon Blanc 2004

Leleshwa hat

Fellow wine lovers


Green grapes


After the field tour, we took a break and had a lovely picnic, that gave us a taste of Leleshwa’s Rose´.

Bitings       Rose

Thereafter we were driven back to the farm where we visited the winery and got see where the wine was made. Emma gave us an in-depth explanation on the process and we got to sip wine that was still in the wine making process.


We settled for late lunch in a beautiful setting which had uninterrupted views of Mt Longonot in the distance. Here we learnt about Morendat beef which is not your every day beef at your local butchery. This is premium aged beef that is served at fine establishments such as Hemingways in Karen and the renowned Fairmont The Norfolk in Nairobi’s central business district. Lunch was delicious and involved indulging in lots of Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz. Fantastic company, amazing wine and great music made the evening fly by pretty quickly and at about 7pm we had to reluctantly break up the party and head back to Nairobi.


Mt Longonot


Leleshwa produces fantastic Sauvignon Blanc, Rose´ and Merlot Shiraz. Buy them, ask for them in restaurants! If you wish to visit the winery, look out for the wine tours on social media.

Have you tasted any of the Leleshwa wines? What did you think? Let me know in the comment section below!

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