The Boma Hotel: A review

21°C. Today’s weather in Nairobi. I can’t feel my toes. This Kenya’s winter is brutal. Na bado July! As June paves way for Kenya’s coldest month, keep warm and stay healthy.

I have been fortunate to have in the last few weeks visited some of Nairobi’s new and new-ish hotels. I did a blog post on the new Tamarind Tree Hotel located next to The Carnivore in Langata. Kindly click on the link and read all about it. In today’s episode of Nairobi hotel reviews, I write about The Boma Nairobi located in South C, off Mombasa Road.


The Boma is a relatively new hotel having opened in January 2013. It is owned by the Kenya Road Cross and all its profits fund the activities of this important humanitarian organisation. From its blue, glass, dome shaped atrium, to the arches at the entrance, the Boma’s architecture is unique as are the amenities the hotel offers.

Boma Exterior

Dome Exterior


The sliding doors at the entrance open up to a colourful reception area. Painted Red Cross red, with clocks showing time in various cities around the world, the Boma’s reception is inviting. On the left, is a coffee bar that serves the best of Kenya’s tea and coffee. On one wall of the coffee bar is this amazing piece of art that runs from the floor all the way to the atrium above. It depicts people floating or being blown upwards to the eye of the storm (the blue atrium) which is what The Red Cross considers itself to be: the eye of the storm – a place of calm during turbulent times.


Coffee Bar



The Boma has 148 rooms in various categories. They run from superior rooms all the way to the presidential suite. The rooms are furnished in earth tones that include browns, orange and the Red Cross signature red. I was pleasantly surprised by the spacious rooms offered at this hotel. Most city hotels have cramped rooms especially the standard rooms mostly because guests tend to spend only one night there, so having spacious standard rooms is a big plus for The Boma. All the rooms have black out curtains that turn the rooms dark even during the day. In addition the rooms are sound proof ensuring you have a quiet stay.


Cafe view from the topView of the Coffee Bar from the 5th floor


TV Desk Tea coffee facilities

Presidential SuitePresidential Suite is massive and comes with a kitchen and a large sitting area.

Food                                                                                                                                                          Johari  the hotel’s main restaurant which is located on the main level is bright and welcoming. The lunch buffet is set up on one side of the room while a central island holds salads and desert. I loved the chicken soup and the cute bowl it came in! And they had kashata in their desert spread!! I don’t know if it has an English name but if you grew up in Nairobi in the ’90s, you definitely know about this savoury snack made from  grated coconut that we bought in neighbourhood kiosks!



Tembo Bistro is the place to go to for fries, pizzas, burgers and/or beer. Follow @thebomanairobi on Twitter and IG to take advantage of awesome meal deals that the restaurant regularly offers.

Tembo Restaurant (2)

Cocktail LoungeCocktail Lounge

Amenities                                                                                                                                         The Boma’s gym has to be one of the best equipped I have seen in Nairobi. The colourful mural on the wall gives all the energetic vibes you need to work out! The gym and the pool are open to the non-residents. Once a month, The Boma offers a parking lot challenge open to all fitness buffs.

Gym - Boma HotelBoma - Pool Deck

Swimming Pool

Gift shop

Also in the same compound, across a little bridge, is the Boma Inn Nairobi, a smaller property but with the same level of service that the main Boma offers. It has 58 standard rooms, a bar and restaurant.

Boma Inn

Closing Remarks

The Boma Nairobi was a delightful surprise. From its spacious rooms, to its bright restaurant and generous meal deals, it is a hotel I would not hesitate to recommend to any one looking for a place to stay in Nairobi.

Because it is off the busy Mombasa Road, it tends to be less crowded than the other hotels along the highway. You know the ones!!

Above all, your patronage whether in form of a meal or an overnight stay, contributes towards the Kenya Red Cross’ humanitarian activities.

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