7 travel resolutions you can actually keep in 2020

Happy 2020 folks! I trust you crossed over into the new year, and decade well. May your new year and decade be blessed with good health, peace, joy, finances and every blessing that your heart desires!

Have you finalized on your new year resolutions yet, or are you like me still trying to figure things out? I know my one major travel goal this year is to go to Cape Town. I want to go up Table Mountain, visit a vineyard, take a trip to Boulder’s Beach to see the penguins, shop at the V&A Waterfront and of course go on a tour of  colourful Bo Kaap. While I’m waiting for this trip to happen, let’s talk about 7 travel resolutions that we can easily keep in 2020.

1) Go to at least one new place
Many of us believe that for our travel to count it has to be in a far off or exotic destination. This cannot be any further from the truth. Any new experience counts. It does not have to be a new country, it could be a neighbouring county (hello Machakos, Kirinyaga, Eldoret, Isiolo!) or a museum (Nairobi National Museum, Nairobi Railway Museum, Africa Heritage House), restaurant etc. One of my goals this year is visit some of Nairobi’s new restaurants. Honey and Dough and Lava Latte will be my first stops!

2) Do one thing that makes you uncomfortable
What gives you the jitters? Could it be jumping off the deep-end of a swimming pool, trekking, camping or going for a reggae concert :)? Whatever it is, let 2020 be the year where you challenge yourself to face off the anxiety. It may not be as bad… or it may be but you won’t know until you try. I never got on the zip-lining bandwagon that was doing the rounds two years back. I was too scared. Planning to make it my birthday treat this year! If you can’t swim, please learn! The Nairobi rain does not seem to be letting up soon!

3) Try a different local food
We all know folks who don’t eat one type of food or another. Omena (sardines), njahi (black beans), and the list goes on. Shock/excite your taste buds with some thing new/foreign!

4) Use a different form of transport
This one is exciting! If you’ve never flown ✈️ try one of the low-cost airlines. Jambojet recently had a sale that had return tickets to Diani for as low Ksh 4,040! RwandAir is currently running the lowest fare on the NBO-KGL route. Look out for such offers and get on your first flight. Not yet ridden on the Standard Gauge Railway (Madaraka Express)? Make 2020 the year you ride on this train. There are people who’ve never rode on a bodaboda! Safeboda and other apps offer safe rides across the city. You get the idea… One of my major travel goals is to go on a cruise. Being on a ship for a week, floating from one destination to the next sounds like an amazing experience.

5) Talk to strangers
I know it sounds off you but you get to meet the most interesting folks when you strike up a conversation with a stranger. Not everyone is out to harm you. Be watchful and discerning and talk to someone new at a restaurant or on your next trip. This might be a challenge to the introverted but it may be worth a try. Better still, join a club – Toastmasters, Rotary are great places to meet new people.

6) Travel solo – at least once
Like it has been said, solo travel may not be for everyone but how would you know unless you try?! I took my first solo trip last year to Rwanda. It was epic! I inquired from strangers, asked for recommendations, negotiated… Having always travelled as a duo or in a group, the most valuable lesson I gleaned from the solo trip is that I can actually travel by myself and enjoy it.

7) Be in the moment

In this era of social media where it seems we have to post every minute of our travels and take the most IG worthy pics, it is very difficult to put down the phones and camera and fully be in the moment. Next time you travel, peel your eyes away from the gadgets and truly take in what is going on around you!  These memories are precious. While it may be a challenge for the travel blogger in me 🙂 I promise to take a gadget-free day on my next trip.

That’s all folks! Thanks for reading this first post of 2020. Have you made any travel resolutions? Let me know in the comments section below. Xoxo!

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  • Nelly. , Direct link to comment

    This was such a lovely post! Travel resolutions, travel to five international countries,first one is next month whoop whoop! And try some converts like Koroga and learn to drive a bike so that I do one trip from Nairobi to Naivasha and camp. Never camped. Lol.

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