Tips to enjoy your first Valentine getaway

The year was 2007… February 2007 to be exact. The then bae asked me to plan for our Valentine’s Day getaway to the coast. Back then I knew nothing about travel, I didn’t know where to begin nor who to ask. Neither did I want to tell him I was clueless because a girl didn’t want to appear ignorant! But that was not what made me anxious. What got me tossing and turning in my sleep was the thought of travelling with bae for the first time. It was such a HUGE deal to me. Suffice is to say we didn’t go to the coast. Fast forward to 2013, then bae made road trip plans for Valentine’s Day weekend. Guess who chose to go on an optional work trip instead? Yep, I reneged on that plan too!

While I have gotten over my paranoia (thank you Lord!), I know there are people who are feeling apprehensive about travelling with their partners, especially if it’s their first time this Valentine’s Day. So how do you you get past the nerves to having a fun, memorable getaway? Here are my top five tips.

  1. Talk it out – Whether the trip is a surprise or being planned by the two of you, if you have any concerns like not being sure you should travel together then by all means speak up and let your partner. I know this is rich coming from someone who didn’t do so but maybe if I did, I would be having some awesome memories from the two trips!
  2. Have the money conversation – Often times a Valentine’s Day getaway is financed by one person in the relationship. However if you’re planning it together, then it’s good to know what you are required to chip in. The money talk is never easy but it’s a necessary one to have. Which one will you pay for, transport, excursions, accommodation?
  3. Be easy – It’s DDay and you’re now heading to take the bus/flight or train. Here’s the thing. Once you’re out of the door, anything can happen. You might miss the train, the flight may get cancelled, the accommodation may not be what had been advertised, the food may taste weird etc etc. When ish happens, try to keep calm. I know it may not be easy when there is no hot water in the shower but honey, it’s no reason to whine throughout the trip and ruin the whole experience. No one wants to cuddle with a complainer!
  4. Be in the moment – Unlike any other getaway, a Valentine’s Day break is about the two of you enjoying and loving on each other. It is intimate and personal. I’m not saying don’t whip out your phone to take bomb photos for the ‘gram but please don’t go spending all your time updating social media at the expense of quality time with your SO.
  5. Have fun together and apart – When I finally got to travel with ‘2013 bae’, I quickly got to learn that he was an active type of traveller. He was the sort of guy who had a packed itinerary of places to see and things to do. While I cherished getting to explore all these new places, I realised I needed me time to appreciate the entire experience, so don’t shy away from asking for space.

That’s all the tips from me! Do you have any more? Share them in the comments section below. Thanks for reading x0x0!

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