Go-karting at Whistling Morans

Just like going to watch a Gor Mahia match at the stadium, go-karting is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I remember visiting the go-kart race track in Mombasa one October evening in 2017 and watching the drivers racing fast round the snaking track and it looked like so much fun. I knew right then I wanted to race on a go-kart. When a friend recently suggested a drive to Whistling Morans in Athi River, I didn’t think much of it until we drove in and I saw the go-kart race track! I got to ride on a go-kart on a beautiful evening against the background of the setting sun.

How  to get to Whistling Morans

Drive down Mombasa Road and turn left when you get to the Athi River interchange. Drive on past the Great Wall Apartments down the untarmacked road; look out for sign posts that will lead you to Whistling Morans.

The Experience

Though I’m pretty confident in my driving skills, I started out slow. Driving so close to the ground, is such a different experience. As you race down the track, you feel like the road is coming at you! (Does that make sense?) Also, it took a bit of effort to turn the steering wheel because it was quite stiff. The corners are pretty sharp and if you’re not careful you could easily run off the course.

These concerns lasted all of 7 minutes because thereafter, Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher had nothing on me! I was zipping down the race track like the Formula 1 driver I was born to be. This was especially after a group of people joined me on the track and I knew I was not about to lose, even though no one invited me to race! While I didn’t win (haha!), I beat a couple of peeps which made me feel really great!

Things you should know

  • The assistants spray the racing gear before you put it on, for hygiene purposes.
  • There are race marshals along the track so if you get stuck or get off track, they will help you get back on course or fix any malfunction.
  • It goes without saying, wear pants and closed shoes.
  • Go-karting is a perfect activity for a group of family and friends. Even young kids can get in on the fun!
  • The best time to go go-karting is in the morning or in the evening. I imagine racing in the hot sun would be uncomfortable.
  • There is a restaurant with a pool, swings and plenty of space for a picnic for an all round fun day.


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