Kenyan Winter: How to keep warm in Nairobi

That we are really and truly in the cold season is not in doubt. Kenya has been experiencing incredibly low temperatures in recent weeks. It is 16 degrees Celsius as I write this article and honestly I  want to relocate to a warm tropical island! Have you noticed though that it is colder in doors than it is out there? Being outdoor and busy is a sure way to beat the cold as opposed to staying indoors, curled on your sofa. Here are a couple of fun activities to do in Nairobi to get you moving and keep the cold at bay.

Bowling and Trampoline fun at the Village Market
From the Ozone Trampoline Park to the to the Village Bowl, Village Market is not your ordinary shopping mall. In addition to shopping, there is so much to do here. You cannot go wrong with bowling. Gather up a crew, pay up (Ksh. 1,000 per player) and have some competitive fun. The Village Bowl has 11 alleys which get super busy over the weekends. TIP: Go on Thursday! They offer discounts.

The Ozone Trampoline Park is by far my favourite section at the Village Market. From the Climbing Wall and Dodgeball Court, to the Slam Dunk and the Foam Pit, the park is all about unleashing your inner child. Bounce on the trampoline to your heart’s desire, jump on that foam pit as many times as you wish, play dodge ball and milk the hell out of all the activities being offered at the park! It’s Ksh 950 per person.

Take a nature walk at Oloolua, Karura or Arboretum Forests. I spent an enjoyable morning exploring Oloolua Forest recently and I must admit it was surprisingly pleasant. I thought it would be cold but it was cool and the stroll was delightful. Enjoy walking under the canopy of the towering trees as you listen to the birds singing overhead. You will spot a small waterfall, caves and swamps.  It is only Ksh. 200 for citizens. A walk through the forest was a great way to connect with nature and get in some exercise with lots of fresh air.

Find a heated swimming pool near you
Apart from being a fun activity, swimming has plenty of health benefits including muscle strength and maintaining a healthy heart and lungs. With the cold season, I know you’re thinking swimming is a no no. But wait! There are several hotels in Nairobi that have heated swimming pools which you should consider taking a dip in if swimming is your jam. Here are a few suggestions: Hilton Nairobi in the CBD, Heron Portico Hotel in Milimani, Laico Regency in the CBD and Panari Hotel on Mombasa Road. All these charge between Ksh 1,000 and 2,000 for adults.

Visit a coffee plantation
The cold season comes with drinking plenty of coffee to keep us warm. How about visiting a coffee plantation and learn about how coffee is grown, harvested and processed? You will get to walk through the farm as you pick coffee berries then move to the factory and the labs where you get to taste different coffee grades. It is similar to visiting the vineyards in Cape Town, South Africa or Bordeaux, France.  Some of the most popular plantations are Kiambethu Farm, Limuru and Fairview Estate in Kiambu.

GP Karting at Carnivore, Two Rivers or Whistling Morans in Athi River
Few things give a proper adrenaline rush than racing down the circuit in those small cars! Wrestling that steering wheel as you navigate the sharp corners will leave you all pumped, fired up and with no room to feel the plummeting temperatures.

Have you done any of these? Do you have any more activities you wish to add? Please comment below. Thanks for reading!

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