5 restaurants to try in Nairobi

Nairobi’s restaurant scene has been thriving recently, with lots of new, exciting openings taking place. Offering a variety of cuisines at beautiful, Instagram worthy settings, eating out in Nairobi has become a delightful adventure. Over the last couple of weeks, I have visited some of these amazing restaurants. Here are my favourites:

Cultiva, Pofu Road, Karen

Tucked in a secluded corner in the Karen suburbs, Cultiva has been touted as the best restaurant in Nairobi. The restaurant serves mostly vegan and vegetarian cuisine grown from its very own greenhouses which are on the same location. The ambiance is rustic, with different seating areas that work beautifully on a hot, sunny day. Space is scarce over the weekends with diners staying on late into the evening.

Recommended for a date with a friend or catch up with family or friends.

Boho Eatery, Ndovu Road, Karen

With its signature swing seats and colourful wall murals, Boho Eatery certainly lives up to its bohemian theme. Just like Cultiva, Boho serves primarily vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Here you will find the spicy black bean taco, the oyster mushroom ceviche and an interesting variety of beers and ciders.

Recommended for dates with a loved one and with friends.

Matteo’s, Ngong Road

One thing about Matteo’s, you need to visit at night! Remember to carry a coat! Had Valentine’s dinner here and it was beautiful. Something about the lights strewn on the trees that makes it magical. You can easily miss Matteo’s as you drive down Ngong Road; I appreciated the large parking space. As we walked in, there was a large family, grown ups and kids, who had sat for dinner and a number of couples too. The wait staff were quick to find seating space, get us the menu and a heater. There’s indoor seating space if you wish to do so. Being an Italian restaurant, the pizza and pasta were amazing.

Recommended for romantic dates, family dinners.

Ankole Grill, Kitisuru

One thing made me want to visit Ankole Grill in Kitusuru: the mutura! Granted, they give you countable pieces of mutura for 800 bob (gasp!), but they are the second most tastiest mutura I have ever tasted, after Father’s, the neighborhood plug. Ankole sprawls across this expansive space located next to a forest in Kitisuru. From my perch on the raised bar, I could see a group of girlfriends having a gossip session as they waited for their food, a Caucasian guy working on his laptop, the KCB CEO with a friend and just below me, about 20 people who appeared to be having a celebration of some kind. I appreciated the different seating spaces and styles that could accommodate all these varied groups of people. More importantly, I loved the song selection on that beautiful Saturday afternoon, the bar man and I were jamming to ’90s music! The staff curate the song list which is pretty cool.

Fifteen Rooftop, The Curve, Mombasa Road

As its name suggests, Fifteen Rooftop is located on the 15th floor of The Curve Building on Mombasa Road. The setting is quite special as it overlooks the Nairobi National Park – the views are amazing. There are two sections on either side of the elevator. I was here for the cocktails and boy, they did not disappoint.

Recommended for hangout with friends.

Been to any of these restaurants? Let me know in the comment section.

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